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Updated: May 9, 2021

Breaza is a city in the Prahova county, in Romania. The name of the city, which means “with a white spot”, comes, according to the legend, from a villager who, when was very young, got burnt with boiling milk, which left her a white spot on the cheek, getting therefore the nickname “Breaza” and, from her, the city was called the same. The city is located on a plateau above the Prahova River and it was declared a balneary health resort in 1928 thanks to its very clean and healthy air.

One of the main occupations is farming, and traditional needlework, but many inhabitants also commute to work in the neighbouring towns of Comarnic and Câmpina. Tourism is also important for the local economy, and many locals rent out rooms in the summer months.

Due to its naturally beautiful surroundings, being located among rolling hills, the town has long been popular with inhabitants of Bucharest, who tend to have vacation homes here.

It is also the site of a folk art museum and a military high school.

The town is bordered to the north of Depression Comarnic - Talea, which is part of the Carpathian depressions internal row, and south of Depression Campina external Carpathian basin. To the east and west are two rows of sub-Carpathian hills, which is an extension to the southern mountains.

The mild climate, free from cruel frosts and blizzards, fog-free, with moderate humidity is an important potential for tourism development and climatotherapy. The natural conditions of the settlement, lovely scenery, urges you to hike the and explore and benefit from all it's natural beauty.

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