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My journey through interior design and it's connection with holistic lifestyle it's not maybe the conventional story and it doesn't even have a pinpoint that I can think of that triggered me to chose this... But I can tell you that I was always aware and fascinated by how and why I felt different in different houses and places.

I have always questioned myself somehow of why do I like some people more than others and what is it that makes them different. I knew from the beginning that It wasn’t about the appearance. As I have never had a ‘preferred’ style. For me, what it works, it works. I find beauty in so many different things that can be at opposite ends from each other.

The time I was studying architecture at University of Westminster and soon enough I have found so many connections between the lifestyle and interior design. I started learning more about the energy that we can create within our homes, how does it affect us and how can we understand and benefit from it. 

We all have different ways of communicating and your home should tell a story about who you are.


Your home should really be a reflection of who you are. It needs to be made to your own needs. Based on who do you want to be, what your goals are, your routines. Having a beautiful home, made exactly to your own likings and needs will help you achieve the feeling that you want to in that space. 


My intention is to help you achieve your own goals by using this tool. By realising who you are, what are your needs, and what do you want to achieve, we can create the perfect environment for you, which will act as a wonderful tool that will help you to feel more energised, more disciplined, more relaxed, more mindful, making your routines more accessible and inspiring you to create good habits that will be the foundation bricks to a better version of yourself.

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