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120sqm apartment




ianuarie 2020

The apartment that tells a story about the owner, straight as you come through the door, to the last details the completes the whole look. The whole process of design started with the client desire to have a stylish, masculine, with some twists that reflects the personality and brings the whole story alive, whilest using high quality products and finishes. 


This apartment is situated at the ground floor and owns the whole garden that was surrounding the building which was a great plus and the main focus of the living area layout and furniture placements having in mind different zones designed to serve the needs of the client. Having a glazed wall facing the back yard, we decided on opening the kitchen so we can use the whole space and let more light come through during the day.


Turning the main area into an open space which has many servings such as entrance, hallway, dining area, living room, lounge area and kitchen; - having clear and defined zones was the main focus. We have achieved this structure by carefully placing the furniture in a strategic way, that will gave people the ability to be able to be part of the family and able to see each other from any point of the room.

The kitchen it's open created in an L-shape, that has only base units creating this airy feeling which is compensated by the tall units wall that deserve for fridge, electrical appliances, storage and also hides a heating boiler in the corner. 

The  breakfast bar attached to the kitchen island it's the perfect place to have a coffee in the morning or the place where you sit down with friends at a glass of cold wine straight from the wine cooler perfectly placed under the bar. This are also separates the cooking are from the lounge area. 

The colours chosen for this apartment are based on shades of green and blue, interlaced together with different tones of grey such as the concrete used on the walls combined together with a different light grey paint on the remaining walls. The materials were warmed up with a mono kind of wood used mostly on the flooring and the custom made furniture as the kitchen bar and the TV shelves in the living room. 

The materiality mostly used are mainly masculine and heavy such. as - concrete, dark tones of wood, dark grey and industrial accessories found in different metal finishes. This " heaviness " it's lighten up by the delicate textures of the curtains, drapes as well as the pleasurable feeling of the velvet of the chairs. 

The glazed doors are also having an important role of adding more air and light to small places such as dressing areas or pantry. 


Every home tells a story of the owner and each room has it's own part of it. Every room was created in the same style, using the same colour scheme, focusing on materiality and quality of each piece used for both furniture and finishes.

The colours of the couch and the arm chair are used to reflect different parts of the scenery of the wallpaper used on the wall across the room picturing a beautiful peacock painted in a lush forest with an ombre green background. From the same designer, we have used two pillows with the peacocks on the couch to integrate all the areas in the same story. 

Materiality it's one of the biggest focuses in this apartment. Apart from wood, concrete and quartz used for the kitchen countertop, mixing materials was another trick that we have used, to have the best of both worlds. 

The lounging are was separated by the. dining are through a custom made shelving unit, made to serve as TV stand, bookshelves and storage unit from the "lounge side" and as a bar and glass shelve from the side facing the dining table. 

In the living room, the concrete wall it's enhancing perfectly the beauty of the green couch and the quality of the wooden shelves from the kitchen. The same wall finish it's also found in both. of  the bathrooms which are "concrete blocks" lighten up by the beauty of the wooden furniture and the indirect light behind the mirrors. 

Walking around the house, there are some key accessories and unexpected decorations that are adding that wanted twist and personality into this home. From the hanging monkey lamp that welcomes you right from the hallway wall or the wooden house bird singing device that makes you feel like you are in the rainforest every time you use the restroom, every detail is specially chosen to please the owner and to make him feel great every time he comes at home. 

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