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First meeting with an interior designer.

Updated: May 9, 2021

So you have decided that you want to work with an interior designer in your new home. Once you have done your research and reached out to the right designer for you, now it's time to schedule the first meeting with them.

The first meeting it may be the most important of all so make sure that you are ready to ask all the needed questions and everything will work smoothly between you two.

Go prepared

You’ll be presenting your house and the spaces you want to decorate. You also need to make sure they understand what your style is and what do you actually want and need.

Take some photos of the spaces that you want to be discussed. Try to get in the picture as much as you can of the space, making a video it's also a good idea and it can be very helpful when presenting a space as it can get the closest sense of what it actually looks and feels like being in there. Print out all your plans, photos and other details or drawing that you may find useful for your designer to see.

Ask the right question

At the end, interior design it's a service and as in everything, it has to be made under a few conditions. This may vary depending on each designer and client and their own agreement regarding a certain project.

Make sure that you understand how your designer works. What are the deadlines? What is it included in the offer? Is she/ he going to only present you 3D drawings? are renders included? Technical drawings as well? If any furniture will be custom made, does he/she have any particular source where they can manufacture it for you? Is the design of these pieces included in the price?

An interior designer's job it's to get to know your needs, desires and style and put them together in the best way possible for your home, but with that being said, they're not mind readers.

There are going to be changes and adjustments that will be needed so it is good to know from the beginning how is that topic going to be approach. What's the cost for the design change? How many changes are considered in the offer and for any additional adjustments, how is the cost calculated? This way, you will avoid any unpredictable costs that may encounter along the way.

Make sure you share everything! Honestly.

'Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.'

You have to tell them what you want, what you like and what you need and create a clear and honest image about yourself. In order for any designer to be able to create the best environment for YOU, they need to know who YOU are and what YOU need. Otherwise.. they will just guess it from the things that you have decided to share. So there is no need to present something else than what it is exactly what you want and what you need. If you have any bad habits that you want to overcome, trust me, the design of your interior space can be a great tool to use. The interior aspect of your home has a great impact on your wellbeing and state of mind. Your designer should be able to create the best ambiance for your needs but only if they have all the details needed to understand what exactly are your needs.

Enjoy the journey.

Decorating your home will be journey so enjoy it. To me, it happened many times that my client came to me after we finish the project and telling me that they actually learned something new about themselves that they didn't know of and it may affected them in other ways in their lives.

So enjoy the process, accept that it will be a process and things take time and there may be situations that will require more attention than others but in the end, you maybe will be spending there a good part of your life and many memories will be made in that house so don't try to rush anything. Have a good communication with your designer, trust them, trust the process and enjoy it.

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