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#weekendvibes: '...fur mamas' 🐾

Weekend comes again and I am guessing it will find all of us inside again. But as I have said before, quarantined or not, weekends are for fun.

If last weekend was about the quarantine human partner - this weekend it's all about our fur babies.

Having a ' talkative' company around may be nice... but as we have discussed last weekend.. it can get a bit too much sometimes. Having the whole house for you and your fur baby...on the other hand.. we have the best of both worlds.

If you are a fur parent.. then you know for sure that boredom it's not a place we can say that we find ourselves..ever. With a pet around.. there is always something to do - clean, play, train, laugh..lots of laughs, pure joy..and a bit more cleaning.

About myself, I spend most of my day alone with my dog and our bond got so much stronger since spending so much more time together...and it filled all of my days with joy and happiness. Somehow.. an animal manages to make us smile even on our worst days and if you are a pet owner yourself.. you know exactly what I am talking about.. and..yes.. we are really lucky. Especially now... While usually we take care of our fur babies and make sure to keep them active and sane.. in this period.. I can say that at least us.. have changed that seat a few times and my dog kept me active, happy.. and taught me to enjoy the moment and be silly more often.

The lessons that we learn form our fur babies can be wonderful if we are paying attention to them and give them our time and get to know and trust each other.