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#weekendvibes: PANEL GAME 💸

Weekend it's here again and every time, it holds a visual presenting this week's tales and journey.

An interesting and easiest way of decorating the home is by using wall panels that come in a wide array of grains, finishes and textures with unique patterns. These are available in different styles, namely, project panels, plank panels, bead board, finished panels, wood grain, project panels and wainscot. Their aesthetic and functional values have started attracting many eyes, so why you not experiment with these?

It has numerous benefits and one of them is its versatility. This decorative PVC wall cladding comes in a variety of colours, styles and designs, and is versatile in where it can be used.

Whether you need white sparkly panels for your child’s playroom, or pearlescent panelling for a classy bathroom look, it is easy to find something that will match your needs.

You can use it to create a pretty backsplash for your kitchen, or a DIY art piece for your living room. It can even be used to make an accent wall for your office, as these panels are designed with a texture that suits any room.

You might be surprised to see that many contemporary wall panel designs are nothing like the darker wood options popular the 60’s and 70’s. When you’re shopping for wall paneling, you’ll have your pick from numerous patterns, many of which reflect natural wood grain.

Wood may be the most traditional material used for wall panels and the first one that comes to mind, but it’s certainly not the only one available. MDF is one of the most common composite materials, as it has the benefit of flexibility when it comes to multiple textures, designs, and patterns. Melamine is another common option that allows for some of the more innovative wall décor and high impact prints. Polyurethane panels provide a surface for some of the most advanced designs and materials on the market today.

Faux materials are used mimic limestone, granite, marble, stone, and even bark. You can even design custom panels printed with leather, snakeskin, or three-dimensional textures. With design choices this diverse, you can introduce a natural or high-end design aesthetic into your home without using labor intensive or high-cost materials.

Wallpaper and basic painted walls may seem like simple solutions for your walls, but they often require continual maintenance. While both of these methods can attract scratches, marks, and indentations, wall panels actually resist impact. That means that with wall panels, you can rest easy without having to do frequent touch ups or wall repairs.

Wall panels typically enjoy a long life, even with minimal upkeep. What isn’t obvious, though, is that they can also help to extend the life of your walls themselves. By protecting your walls from wear and tear, they ensure that important structural components of your home can live even longer.

When it comes to wall panels, installation is much easier than it looks. In fact, unlike other types of wall decor materials, you don’t even have to worry about grout lines, exposed adhesive, or other remnants of installation. Many contemporary wall panels feature a tongue and groove system or clip and rail system, which makes installation almost as easy as fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. Wall panels even offer the extra benefit of concealing wires, cables, and built-in wall components that are better left unseen. With a few custom cuts and careful fitting, they can hide nearly anything.

While there are no miracle solutions when it comes to home improvement, wall panels offer a range of benefits that make them a great option for room décor. From ample design options to impressive durability, wall panels provide both aesthetic and functional solutions for your home.

You need to think about what room you are placing the paneling into, what type of maintenance the paneling will require, and if the paneling fits within your renovation budget for that room. The type of material you use is going to affect the room, so you want to ensure that it will not throw off the décor you have picked out. There is such a large variety that you can choose a type of cladding to suit any room in your home.

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