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#weekendvibes: in COFFEE we trust ☕️

' COFFEE ' ☕️

( kaw-fee )

- liquid that smells like fresh ground heaven.

- a dark magical substance that turns 'leave me alone' into 'good morning honey'

Weekend is here again and everything starts so much better with a cup of coffee and it's unique smell that fills your home in the mornings and today it will be just about that. ☕️ Today we celebrate this wonderful 'gold' liquid and all the coffee lovers out here!

People enjoy coffee around the world from morning till night and has become one of the most popular things in the world. Coffee is one of those things that has become part of our every day lives and is all around us all the time. You already know that a cup of joe can start your day off on the right foot, but it might not be just the caffeine that's at work. The scent of coffee alone has been shown to increase attention span— a boon when you're tackling your inbox first thing in the morning.

Even though a big number of people like drinking coffee because of its taste, there are also those who drink it to get a buzz. The buzz we experience is actually caffeine hijacking the receptors for a substance in the brain known as adenosine. Adenosine’s role is to accumulate itself during some kind of daily activity, attach itself to the brain cells’ receptors and make us feel drowsy as the day nears its end ensuring we fall asleep quickly and have a quality sleep.

While sleeping, adenosine levels decrease, which allows our body to wake up in an alert state and which makes us feel energised in the morning. That is how we are supposed to feel actually.

When caffeine starts blocking adenosine in the brain and throughout the body, the body starts energising back again quickly. Blood vessels start constricting which raises blood pressure and sugar is released from carb deposits, which causes an increase in blood sugar levels. We start feeling energised and fully alert. That’s why caffeine is considered one of the most powerful stimulants, improving both your mood and mental energy.

It’s no surprise that every year over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the globe. After water and tea, coffee is known to be the most consumed beverage in the world.

Coffee contains a natural stimulant called caffeine. Some coffee contains 30 mg while some contain 300 mg of caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and boosts brain power. For example, a single cup of coffee can improve your attention and concentration.  

The smell of coffee is complex. The heterocyclic compounds present in the coffee are known to influence the complex aroma and flavour of the coffee. The smell of the coffee hits our scent receptors and the aroma triggers memories and good feelings. No wonder, it wakes us up from our sleep. Before you even drink the coffee, the aroma already hits our brain. Studies have shown that coffee can wake us up even if we are sleep deprived. The impact is higher if it's freshly grounded coffee. The aroma of coffee can give you that feeling of pleasure and make you feel good. No wonder it’s called pleasure drug.

Caffeine affects our brain and has psychological effects. It influences neurotransmitters which include dopamine, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine. These affect our mental processing and mood. If you’re in a bad mood, drink a cup of coffee and see its effects. It will relax your mind and cool you down. Even a headache might also be relieved with a cup of coffee.

Coffee contains antioxidant compounds like flavonoids, tannic acid, eugenol, chlorogenic acid, gamma-tocopherol, and scopoletin. Antioxidants have numerous health advantages. They can protect our body from oxidative damages like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, degenerative disorders, and even aging. 

'In the light of the moon, I lay quiet and still

in the dawn of the sun, I arise to be real

A new day ahead, a warm day’s embrace

Lets grab our best cup, relax, and pace

The coffee is brewing, the day has begun,

a sip and a sigh, I relax in the sun

Time to get going, the workday is near

The things of the mind start to wander and reel

But for a few minutes more, time to relax and enjoy

Think of all of the things that bring laughter and joy

For this time drinking coffee, all pauses, in time

Celebrating the moments, it’s a remembrance that’s mine

Awaken dear day, I am ready and so,

With a mind that’s refreshed, I am ready, let’s go.'

Although I don't remember my first cup of joe, I do remember my first tonic brew.

Last summer at Cofferize. The coolest, cosiest and friendly coffee shop in Timisoara.

Owned by Andrei, a friend of mine, whom transformed his passion into a wonderful business that brings joy in every person that pass by his coffee shop and get's carried away by the wonderful aroma and the good music that comes from Cofferize.

I can honestly tell you that you will taste the passion that these people are putting into their creations in every cup..and this is how they got me addicted to the tonic brew.

Nonetheless if you are an espresso junkie or you like to enjoy a softer 'wake me up' beverage, if you are visiting Timisioara, do yourself a favour and visit Cofferize. You won't just going to get a cup of coffee, but an experience that will inspire and energise you for the rest of the day.


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