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#weekendvibes: ARTIST DROP - PANTOP 🙌🏽

Weekend is here again and weekends are for fun. This time, with an young italian artists that captures different ideas presented in an unique form of illustrations.

Isabella Montan is a young art director from Parma, Italy. She has created an Instagram profile named Pantop in which she presents a combination of ideas, colours, images and captions in a Pantone swatch presentation. Inspired by a myriad of ideas — from pop-culture, brands, trends, a news story, a personality or an event — Montan puts together a graphic that is a harmonious interplay of colours, pictures and words.

The difference between her project, and many others that follow the same structure and design by presenting something in relation to its Pantone color, is in the fact that Pantop relies on almost cult-like phrases, most often taken from popular culture and movies.

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