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#weekendvibes: AFTER-PARTY. 🍩

Weekend it's here again and weekends are for fun.

Today we're stepping into the funny and unconventional illustration world of Nacho Diaz .

This Spain-based artist enjoys putting everyday things into bizarre situations, perfectly creating humorous double entendres. From an aging banana to friendless broccoli, these quirky images work on at least a couple of levels and their wittiness will definitely make you smile.

Diaz enjoys looking for similarities between people and objects, animals and food. He is using relatable situations that we all have been through this way connecting with people and making them laugh.

This time he took ordinary objects and created before-after illustrations that are just incredibly accurate. "I like to give a twist to everyday things in my illustrations. It started as a 'before and after coffee' idea, just as most of my designs. While working on it I soon realised that there are a lot of fun before and after comparisons in our lives. As for the core of the idea, I enjoy looking for similarities between people and objects, animals and food. By using elements that we all know in situations we all live, I think I'm able to connect with people, and in the end, to make them smile." Nacho Diaz told Bored Panda.

The artist says his creative freedom has grown after gaining so much social media attention. At the moment Diaz has more than 100.000 followers on Instagram and according to him, "When you are a beginning artist, most of the time you need to adapt to the audience's demands, but having such a supportive fanbase, I feel like I'm able to work on the ideas I really enjoy, and I think that freedom helped me to improve the quality of my work too."

"Art has always played a crucial role in my life, since I was a kid I always dreamed about becoming a professional illustrator so I took my chance and here we go!" says Nacho Diaz.


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