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#senseofspace: make some ROOM for SUN ☀️

sun·​room | \ ˈsən-ˌrüm : a glass-enclosed porch or living room with a sunny exposure

Spending plenty of time in this new home that I have recently moved in, I had enough time to observe some patterns in the manner that I use this place and which space brings me the most joy.

The decision based on my move was simple - I needed a garden and some sort of 'free nature' nearby so i can go with my dog.

Being stuck at home and not being able to go out in the nature was challenging, especially for someone who switched homes, just to be able to spend more time in nature. That was the given situation and we all had to deal with, I have tried to make the best out of it and enjoy every moment.

Although, I had a garden at my parents house, which I had moved from; I have never really appreciate it and reap the benefits out of it. Because the weather wasn't very nice always, I have spend some time researching some options that will allow me to be able to enjoy this outside space and sunlight all over the year.

Sunlight is one of the most powerful mitochondrial boosters we have, and it’s a free and easy way to manage our mitochondria. Sunlight triggers changes inside our cells, boosting mitochondria production. This energy boost from sunlight exposure contributes to increased productivity, which in itself can also improve your mood. Read more about sunlight and the health benefits that it holds, here.

Since sunrooms or solariums, screened in porches, or enclosed balconies, provide peace from the everyday, hectic, lifestyle that we have adapted to, they have become stress reducing outlets, and provide plenty of Vitamin D from the indirect sunlight. Escape from your troubles, and create your family’s favourite room in the house! Reduce energy costs by allowing the natural light to flow in, rather than using electric lighting during the day hours. Stay warm and sunny all year round with this simple home remodelling idea.

Stay protected and reduce stress in a screened in porch from the direct rays of the sunlight, while you enjoy listening to the backyard birds, crickets, and nature in general. Mealtimes will become more enjoyable when they are bug free, and the screens during the warmer months will make it feel just like the great outdoors. Keep the elements of chilly wind, or rain, at bay while enjoying family fun time, any time! Add some quality, leisure, living space to your home with this popular home improvement, and surely it will become your favourite room in the house.

The most obvious benefits of sunrooms are the expansive views they afford and the copious amounts of natural light they provide. Just ten to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight has be shown to elevate mood, increase alertness, reduce stress, and of course stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin. Natural light can also help heat your sunroom during colder months and reduce the need for electrical lighting, both of which may result in savings on your monthly utility bills.

A sunroom can be the perfect refuge for reading and sipping a cup of coffee. Furnish the room with a comfortable armchair, sofa, and some plants to create a stress-free environment for enjoying your favourite authors.

A sunroom or an enclosed balcony is an extremely effective way to bring in natural light and brighten up your home. You can enjoy the view without being out in the elements. They can also acts as a viable space for creating an indoor garden. With plenty of sunlight, you can grow a variety of indoor plants or even start seedlings for an outdoor garden. And natural light provides ideal illumination for different activities.

Hobbies and crafts add pleasure to our lives, and help reduce stress. Set up your sunroom as a dedicated craft or hobby area so you don’t have to spend time moving materials in and out of makeshift storage. The natural lighting makes it easier to see for sewing, scrapbooking, model building, drawing, and many other activities.

If you are living in a house and have a green space to enjoy already - maybe a cozy backyard or a blooming garden, why wouldn't you consider the option of use it and benefit from it all year around? Having a sunroom will not only serve as a great lounging area with some health benefits but can also increase the value of your home and give you some extra space too.

The many benefits sunrooms provide are apparent inside and out. From the inside they create a bright and airy enclosure that creates a unique environment for relaxing, entertaining, and pursuing your personal interests. Sunrooms are also among the more affordable ways to increase your home’s liveable space.

While any additional room or rooms would serve the purpose of making your house larger and giving you extra room, a sunroom provides the extra benefit of acting as a separate getaway space. Maybe this can even be a private space — except when your friends, kids and grandkids visit to keep you company.

Some people build a sunroom to provide their family with a source of fresh, homegrown vegetables, herbs, and fruit throughout the year. Fresh organic food has a higher nutritional value, and is free of harmful pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Not only are you providing a healthy diet for you and your family year-round, you’re saving money compared to organic food prices at the grocery store.

While a sunroom isn’t quite the same as a greenhouse, it’s often the next best thing. Here, your plants can have access to all the sun they can handle, even in the winter. The glass walls and ceiling of a sunroom work to trap the heat and can create a warm, balmy atmosphere your plants will absolutely love. If you could never have plants before because your home didn’t get enough sunlight, a your love of plants offers you another reason to have an enclosed sunroom.


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