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to pick something up and touch, hold, or move it with your hands

to operate or control something that could be difficult or dangerous

to be responsible for organising or managing something or someone

Not only us holding onto them but holds so many meanings this word on it's own..and today we're going to take a look at their meaning in interior design.

“Let’s say you’re dressed all in black, with a really simple outfit, but have a beautiful watch or great shoes,” she said. In the same way, “you can totally elevate a space just with hardware., says Magdalena Keck, a well known interior designer in New York who likes to observe the similarities between the way we dress a space and the day to day fashion.

To ensure a cohesive look, it’s important to keep your home’s existing fixtures in mind as you search for new knobs. Interior designer Raena Albers says to approach the process this way: “If you have an ’80s faux-French brass finish on your hinges, but you really want black door handles, are you willing to take the door off the hinges or do you want a quick replacement?” That’s because you’re more likely to be happy with your new doorknobs if you consider your space’s style, and the look you want to achieve, when choosing them.


Pulls are fixtures attached to drawers or doors that allow you to open and close the cabinet. Their defining feature is that they are mounted to the cabinet face at two points. Pulls are available in many shapes, sizes, and concepts. Some allow grasping the cabinet hardware only with fingers, while others allow the entire hand to grasp the cabinet hardware. For this reason, many people prefer to place pulls on cabinet drawers. .Unpretentious variants are basic stainless steel ones, while the more decorative ones can be sleek if being fitted into a modern kitchen or bulky if ornate. The pros of these handles are that they’re easy to use and fit in with almost any kitchen cabinetry style. However, they’re not a great pick for vintage-style kitchens and the positioning of these matter as ill-placed handles may hamper their practicality.


Knobs are smaller, round kitchen handles that are usually fixed on the opening edge of a cabinet door. Knobs are a win for vintage kitchens as they channel an old-school vibe. Knobs are fixtures connected at one point to drawers, or doors, that allow you to open or close the cabinet door with your fingers. Like pulls, knobs are available in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and materials. Their unique characteristic is their singular mounting point. Since each knob involves a single attachment point, you only have to drill a single hole. The downside to this is that if the drill hole or the screw comes loose, the knob will fall right off. Knobs are less practical than pull-outs because of the limited surface area, especially when opening doors in haste.


Cup pulls are typically used on drawers. Also known as bin pulls or half-moon pulls due to their semi-circular shape. Cup pulls are unique from other pulls because they can only be used in one direction by grasping with the hand from the underside of the cup to open or close a cabinet drawer.

Another unique quality of cups is their socket mounting placement. Some cups have their mounting screws hidden, while others leave the screw head visible from the exterior drawer face of the cabinet.


Edge pulls (also called finger pulls) are considered a minimalistic and contemporary style pull. Edge pulls are mounted at the edge of a cabinet door or drawer forming a low-profile ledge at the top, bottom, or side of the cabinet face for the fingers to grip and pull open or push close.


Sleek and streamlined, handleless designs continue to be a popular choice for homeowners thanks to its minimalistic look and pared-back feel. These handleless cupboards can be used to create a linear look with many more options to customise, so getting a signature design is easy and affordable.

Some specialty door handles are made of crystal, porcelain or wood, but the majority are metal. And within the world of metal door handles, there is an almost bewildering array of finish options, from mirror-like polished chrome to heavily distressed antique brass.

To choose the ideal finish, consider the other metal fixtures in your home, as well as the home’s age and style. If the plumbing fixtures in your bathrooms and kitchen are satin nickel, you may want the same finish for your door hardware. For a Craftsman-style house with dark wood paneling, on the other hand, a deep oil-rubbed bronze may be the better choice.

Just as important as the initial appearance of the finish is understanding how it will (or won’t) evolve. Some finishes, like un-lacquered brass and oil-rubbed bronze, are intended to develop a timeworn patina as the hardware is used.If you’re worried about your door handles changing with use, options include lacquered brass, polished chrome, satin nickel and solid black. And for bombproof durability, there are stainless-steel handles and PVD finishes, often recommended for homes in coastal areas.

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