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I won't #have the blue. I prefer going with #GREEN.

" 'feel blue' also 'have the blues'

meaning :

- to be sad or depressed

- to miss something or someone to a great extend "

" 'go green'

meaning :

- to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle by recycling, buying local, reusing, etc."

Things are changing. We are going through 'social distancing' and we no longer interact with each other in the way that we were used to. We had to switch habits that we used to have and adapt to a different lifestyle for a while. We had to find new ways of connecting with people.

We are facing a situation where we are forced to adapt to a new lifestyle. Sudden changes are challenging and for some people can get a bit overwhelming. Adapting it's not always an easy job and some of us can already feel like having the blues more often these days.

The situation that we are facing, and the uncertainty that comes with it - economically wise, can be as well a huge source of stress. It is a natural thing - both being socially active, connected, and having the need of feeling secure are natural things, especially that we have grown in a culture that promotes social acceptance and consumerism that feeds all sorts of 'external nee