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" Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentarily and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in mountains. "

Without even realising, this post came just in the right time for Easter. Even though we are not going to have the traditional Easter family gathering, some traditions are important.

Light plays such an important role in Christianity so most probably our house will have at least one sparkle glowing somewhere to get us in the Easter mood.

Regardless of the religion or the spiritual approach of this subject - candles and different fragrances are used by so many nations for centuries. Each has it's own meaning and benefits. We are going to dive deeper into this subject and find a bit more on how we can use different candles, smells and incense in our house to lift up our mood and achieve the things that we want to.

To me, scent is such a peculiar part of experiencing a place, is most probably, the thing that once you will feel it, it can bring back a memory of a person, a space or tell a whole story, so vividly.

When it comes to home decoration, we're so glad to have this as an 'enhancement' that does double duty. A home it's empty without the 'lively' elements. Usually, the light, the fragrance and the flowers can bring alive almost any space.

Depending on your style, your own preferences and your own needs, there are so many options to chose from. In this case, it happens to be delightfully scented  oil diffusers or candles in the form of gorgeous glass, ceramic, and textured vessels, which add instant charm and an element of design to any space.

These are some ways of using candles that match perfectly each room and style. Have a look and get inspired for your own interior design narrative.

As a lover of aromatherapy and interior design and architecture, Francesca Gotti has taken this to another level and has hidden fragrances within seemingly impenetrable concrete-like blocks for Italian perfumer 'One Of Those'.

The Inaccessible Perfume project – exhibited at Design Miami – encloses the perfume within a recycled fibreglass material named Glebanite. "With a simultaneous air of mystique and irreverent playfulness, it represents the pleasure of this entirely new perfume experience – the wonder of discovery," said Gotti.

There are a few ways around it. Candles, oil diffuser, tea light holders, incenses... it all depends on your preferences, taste and the design that you want to achieve. As for the fragrance, there are many options and. blends that you can create, depending on the mood and the 'story' that you want to create. Here are some options and ideas that can help you get your brain around it.

Candles are one of life’s simple luxuries that most of us just love to indulge in. The soft glow of the flickering light sets from candles the mood like no other, and the fragrance fills the room for a memorable, delicious aroma.

While many of us are drawn to specific scents because of our individual preferences, there are other things you should consider before investing in a new candle—like your mood.

Fragrance is scientifically proven to have a psychological influence on you, so the scent that you choose to use could help make or break your mental state.

If you want to take your relaxation, best are suggests floral notes If you want to relax deep enough to fall asleep, go for the heavier florals like white lotus, genet flower, sage, chamomile and lavender.

Sometimes we all need a little mental boost to get our productivity on. Look for something that will heighten your attention and make your thoughts laser focused. The smell of coffee, citrusy fruits, eucaliptus and sandalwood are some great options for alertness.

If you feel like life is starting to infringe on your happiness and your mood begins slipping in a downward spiral, try something more floral like magnolia blossom, tuberose, gardenia, basil and frankinsence, to help uplift depressive tendencies.

For a more calmer, more love devoting mood, try a classic rose with soft, powdery florals with a violet note, like mimosa, violet leaf, roses and even lavender, which is also so calming and smoothing.

Scent families are broken up into four main groups: Woody, Fresh, Oriental and Floral.

Earthy & Deep: Some earthy scents have that classic, fresh-cut grass smell while others are heavier, featuring dewy, damp, mossy notes. 

Juicy & Light: As an expansive category, fruity scents range from wintery and spicy to more tropical and playful blends.

Woody perfumes are usually warm and opulent, mixing incense-like fragrances like sandalwood and patchouli with drier notes like cedar. To tone down the warmth of these notes, fragrances will sometimes incorporate some fresh notes like citrus or floral. Notes in this family can be described as coniferous or woody and bitter.


  • Woods: Aromatic scents like cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver.

  • Mossy woods: Sweet, smooth and earthy scents like oakmoss and amber.

  • Dry woods: Smouldering and smoky mixed with leather aromas.

Common Woody Family Notes:

  • Patchouli

  • Vetiver

  • Sandalwood

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