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This magic talisman dates back to the days of the native American. The Indians believe that the air contains good and bad dreams. Dream catcher hanging beds in a traditional tipi usually near by children. The spirit of dreams leads the nightmares in the magical power of the dream catcher. Negative dreams get stuck in the net, because they are large and plump and morning sun to evaporate with the light which with the morning dew. Good dreams are small and dexterous and squeeze through the network. They float gently to the sleeper and ensure a peaceful and pleasant night's sleep and dreams.
Hand work, each of my works is a unique and unique creation. Made from natural materials. The dream catchers  combine beauty with a positive energy.

This dreamcatcher symbolizes balance and harmony. He was woven out by me in complete silence. I give all my good energy through him.

Place this nice piece in your House for the protection of good dreams and harmony.
Dimensions: diameter around 50 cm

Macrame Dream Catcher Wall Decor

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